Shelia Johnson

Language Arts 8
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     Thank you for visiting my website.  Hopefully it will acquaint you better with me. 

This year marks the beginning of my 17th year in teaching, and truthfully, I love it more now than I ever have.  I have taught high school, elementary, and middle school - no, I'm not crazy, but I honestly love teaching 8th grade.  Although I miss teaching PE and fitness (it was a good excuse to make myself work out), it is nice to be able to focus on one content area.  Our main focus will be to prepare students to enter high school by concentrating on enhancing reading, writing, and communication skills.

     I like to keep the class engaged and active and will therefore provide a variety of projects, cooperative activities, and crazy illustrations to help students understand the content they will be exposed to.  Being  the mother of one - kindergarten girl, provides me with many anecdotes to emphasize any point I need to make.  Also, I'm a firm believer in learning from each other.  I will expect my students to at times be the teacher as well.

Please feel welcome in contacting me anytime you would like.