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                          Faculty access to VHS

Instructions to turn assignments in electronically:  Go to the Start button in the lower left of your computer screen, search for \\penner07\ , drop box, period ?.  Add your name to the name of the document and save a copy on your own z drive.


Life Expectancy quiz


Science II



pd 2


pd 4,5,7      







Syllabus, click here for Science II.


Syllabus, click here for Biology




1.  HW1 Classroom  scavenger hunt to get to know classroom and rules


Insect Collection






 Progress Check dates

2. Why learn? Biotech PP, what businesses are looking for in employees and the importance of an education.



 Info packet

Collection Info Website



3. Footprints,  Thinking Scientifically

Propose explanations for fossil footprints







4. Science PP, Krause lecture






5. The way science works. Cube 1, Scientific inquiry






6. Science Definitions , Quiz the following day on terms.






7. Cube 2The Scientific Process






8. OSPI PCA Scenarios are used in class, supplemented with periodic related labs activities.






























































Possible Products for Projects








Thanks in large part to Mr. Byman, Mark Morris HS, Home page.